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Cereal crops Research Institute, is situated on left bank of Kabul River, near village Pirsabak. Three (3) Kms on the East from Nowshera and (8) Km from Risalpur. Its elevation is 288 meters (945 Ft) and located on the intersection of longitude 740 E and latitude 320 N. In 1955, this institute started research work as “HYBRID MAIZE FARM” when it was handed over to Agriculture Department from Evacuee property (Auqaf) Department.

In 1972 it was upgraded to “MAIZE AND MILLET” RESEARCH STATION. In 1980, it became a full fledged research institute as “CEREAL CROPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE”. The total area of the institute is 437 acres.This is the only commodity institute in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province and considered as the Centre of Excellence for wheat and maize in the province.

This institute is consisting of six units namely,

a. Wheat Breeding   d. Entomology

b. Maize Breeding    e. Pathology

c. Maize Agronomy   f. Soil Chemistry



This institute has the mandate of increasing the productivity of cereal based cropping system in the province.


A. Variety development:  Development of early, mid and late varieties of wheat, maize and  barley, which are suitable for existing cropping pattern of the  area.

Seed Production: Production of Pre-basic and basic seed of maize and wheat.

B. Production technology:

- To improve the agronomic practices for wheat and maize plant.

 - Production technology integrated crop management.


C. Dissemination of new technology:  Adoptive Research Plots, field days, training courses, workshop  and mass media like Radio Talk etc.



I.  Total varieties released in Wheat seed programme = 14

1. Pak-81  2. Sarhad-82  3. Pirsabak-85 4. Paseena-90  5. Pirsabak-91  6. Khyber-87

7. Suleman-96  8. Haider-2000  9. Saleem-2000 10. Pirsabak-2004  11. Pirsabak-2005

12. Pirsabak-2008  13. PR-98   14. PR-102



II.  Total Varieties/Hybrids released in Maize Breeding programme =16


1. Khyber  2. Zia   3. Changez 4. Sarhad Yellow 5. Sarhad White 6. Ehsan

7. Dehqan  8. Azam   9. Kisan   10. Pahari   11. Shaheen  12. Babar (Hybrid)

13. Ghauri (Hybrid)  14. Kiramat (Hybrid) 15. Iqbal 16. Jalal


III.  Total Barley Varieties released = 2

1. Frontier-87  2. Bajawar-2000